Where Can I Send My Garment To Be Dyed?

Hi, I have a crazy question for you that most bridal stores are about ready to die over. I have a wedding dress in maroon, I need to get the same dress for a different wedding in Black now. The fabric is Crepe. Is this a dyeable fabric? If you want to look at the dress it is on David’s bridal bridesmaid collection. It is in the color expressions section and it style 8022. If this is a dyeable fabric is there a place that you can send items for dyeing?
Thank you,

Dear Rachel,
I took a look at your dress, it is attractive and interesting! The bad news is that it is not dyeable. The dress is either polyester or acetate georgette, which cannot be dyed. The good news is that the dress is not that expensive, on the cosmic scale of bridesmaid dresses. The other good news is that you might be able to wear the black one again sometime, on another occasion, and it also could conceivably be shortened into a beautiful cocktail dress. Sell the other one on consignment or give it to a niece for dress up. Happy weddings!!

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