Where To Buy Heavy Denim

hello, I am looking to buy a heavy denim fabric like the denim in blue jeans you buy from the mall. all the fabric store I have been to seem to have lightweight and rather cheap looking denim. I am doing a fashion show in may and I need this by the end of march to start production but I will not need a whole lot maybe 10 yards. My question is can I treat a denim fabric myself to give it a stressed worn look and if so how would I go about doing that? IF not do you have any suggestions of where I could find denim like I have described? thanks

Dear Arielle,
1. Put up a notice on fabrics.net about the denim you are seeking.
2. Do an internet search for wholesale fabrics and see what you get. The numbers by which the weight of fabrics is measured represent the number of ounces per yard. So the bigger number, the heavier the fabric.
3. I noticed that Rit has a distress-denim project on their website at www.ritdye.com.
4. Another option for distressing denim is to wash the fabric in the washer with rock salt. (I think I learned this exact tip from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Those guys are excellent on fabrics.) If you want to then over dye the distressed part, I personally would use one of the industrial dyes available from www.dharmatrading.com. These are the very easiest dyes to use. They come in a dissolving plastic packet that you toss in a wash load of hot water.
5. Have fun ! You are going to be quite the expert by the time you finish up this project.

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