Where to put all those shoes?

Did you know you can create your own customized Shoe Organizer?  We found that Oilcloth and McCall’s 8260 pattern work well together in creating extra room in your closet. You can also make Garment bags or a Car Caddy so be sure to look for that in our Projects.   


Oilcloth Sewing Tips:

1.  Pin pattern on to oilcloth in seam allowances as the pin holes will stay in the oilcloth.  If the pattern has fold lines (example on the hems or on the wine cozy) fold the oilcloth and pattern while the pattern is still pinned to the oilcloth.

2.  Don’t serge, oilcloth doesn’t ravel.

3.  Use a sharp needle, size 8 or 10 to make the seaming easier. Universal or ballpoint needles won’t go through the oilcloth as easily.

4.  Use a medium length stitch length.

5.  On handles, just fold over and topstitch along the edges. No need to hide the seam inside the handles.

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