Where To Sell My Dress

Hi Andy
I have a paper “yellow classified ads” mini dress that I bought in the 60’s at the same time that Andy Worhol’s Campbell Soup Dress was “in fashion”. I believe I bought it by mail and it could have been sponsored by a phone company for all I remember. I would like to sell it but see no market for anything but the Andy Worhol design.
I did take it to a paperama collection show years ago in Hartford, CT but no one had seen that design before. One man offered me $40 for it. It is in excellent condition and I wonder if you have any knowledge of it. I know there were many poster design dresses at that time, too.
I didn’t know if I should attach a picture but if you want, I do have a couple I could send you. Thank You for any information you can give me.

Dear Paula: I think you may have something there. Certainly a museum would love to have you donate that item to them. I was not into paper mini dresses in the 60’s. We were attending too many “burn your bra” rallies at that time. You certainly have something that has some value. If you must sell it, keep looking for the right buyer. Good Luck, Andy

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