Where To Take My Denim To Get Washed

I’m starting my own clothing line. I start doing high-end t-shirts which did very well for me. Now I would like to add the denim side to my collection. We are located in Westchester, New York and at the moment I’m trying to manufacture over seas. My question to you is where would I be able to take a denim fabric to wash in NYC? I have stitched up the denim and want to know how I can provide the information that I need to these manufacturers regarding washes. Would I better go to the manufacturer over seas or would I rather do a sample wash here (which I hope you can refer me one) and see the out come of the denim? Also would you know where I can be able to receive a deal on denim fabric?

Dear Jason: Get your hands on a copy of Women’s Wear Daily (www.wwd.com). In their classified section, we’ve seen several ads for companies that will wash your denim fabric. To find denim suppliers overseas, visit www.alibaba.com.
Good Luck, Andy

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