White Silk Bedspread

I would like to known if I could dye this white silk bedspread with the color periwinkle.
I want a bluish/silvery look result can this be done and what kind of dye can I purchased. Where can I buy this dye from also.
Thank you,
Ms. Linda

Dear Linda,
It’s possible that you can dye your bedcover, but without seeing it I can’t tell you even some of the possible results. Silk is dyeable, but if it is lined, has trim, or other components – they may not dye. Almost certainly the thread that it is sewn with will not take the dye. It will need to fit easily in your washing machine. You can get everything that you need at www.dharmatrading.com except ordinary table salt. Use Dharma’s reactive dyes. Keep in mind that you will be experimenting – if you want a certain exact result, I wouldn’t advise taking on this project.
Let me know if you want more specific feedback!

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