White Silk To A Cream Color

I want to dye my pure white dupioni silk to an off white/cream or even better, to a tea/ coffee color. Would it be possible to tea stain-dye this material? I’m only dying a small amount, less than 3 yards, to us as trim for my drapes in the living room, which are dark pewter dupioni silk. Thanks for the advise! Janet

Hi Janet,
you can dye your fabric using either the reactive dyes or the acid dyes from www.dharmatrading.com. Keep in mind that dupioni will lose some of its sheen and stiffness when dyed. Follow the instructions provided at Dharma carefully. You will need soda ash and ordinary table salt or vinegar, depending on which dye you choose. Since you only want a light color value, start with a little bit of dye in the washing machine and add more as needed. You may get hooked!

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