White Veil To Ivory

veilI am planning a wedding for the fall of this year. My dress is ivory. I would like to use my mom’s veil, but it’s white. Her veil is a wider weave tulle fabric with lace around the edge. It looks and sounds to me like it is poly‚Ķit has a stiffness to the fabric. We were thinking that we could tea dye the garment once at a time to get it to the color we need. Will this work?

Hi Nicole,
Sorry, if this is polyester it won’t take tea dye. If it is nylon tulle, you may be able to dye it using the acid dyes available at www.dharmatrading.com, but they require very hot water in order to work, so you have to be willing to put the entire veil into a HOT washer load or simmer on the stove.
blessings to the wedding!!

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