Who Sells – I Need Materials And Printers

My friend and I are interested in creating a small batch of custom shirts – with designs and images silkscreened onto the new, very hip, very sheer mesh-style shirts. Are there any wholesale manufacturers of these sheer shirts? And/or printers? We are not clothing designers, and so, know very little about that part of the business (I do the photography, she does graphics)? Or do we need to enlist the help of a clothing designer?
thanks for any info

Dear Elke: Going into business is a costly deal. You need a lot more than a good idea. Spend your time looking for all the sources you need, before investing your dollars. Small batches of custom shirts are going to cost you big bucks. Visit some wholesale apparel trade shows, to try and find a manufacturer that is already doing a similar shirt. See if they would be interested in doing some custom shirts for you. Printers are in short supply these days, due to most of the apparel production going overseas. Start small, but follow your dreams. Good Luck, Andy

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