Wholesale Fabric With A Discontinued Fabric

I create costumes for belly dancers and Pro wrestlers. I was wondering if there is a place anywhere that sells Wholesale Fabrics And Discontinued Fabrics. I would like to be able to make my selections and purchases in person so I know exactly what I am getting. Are there any Trade shows or Stores that are like this? Where are fabrics sent when they are out of date fashion wise.

Dear Tracy: There are several trade shows around the country that may have what you need. The next in New York City, is the Material World show in September. Visit www.material-world.com to register and attend. Fabrics that are out of date, are bought by fabric jobbers. A lot of the fabrics offered on the Internet are from these sources. I’d suggest you also search the Internet. You can always drive around the country looking at fabrics, or you can have them send you sample swatches. With gasoline at over $2.00 a gallon in most areas, it may be less expensive to have sample swatches sent. Happy Hunting and Good Luck, Andy

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