Wholesale Flannel

Hi Andy. I am starting a company selling pillows made of cotton flannel with cotton or poly fill. I would like the pillows to be washable. When I purchase fabric wholesale, do I need to buy it preshrunk? If it’s not preshrunk, how drastically will it affect my pillows? Also, I am having a difficult time finding sources for wholesale cotton flannel (preferably organic) as well as Velcro that engage in Fair Trade /Sweat-shop Free practices. The whole search seems so random. Any suggestions? Many many thanks for your help. Pamela

Pamela: The best place to source fabrics, is by attending one of the wholesale trade shows. Visit www.fabricshow.com and www.material-world.com to register to attend. The cotton should be preshrunk. As far as Fair Trade and Sweat Shop free that is going to be, much more difficult for you. Consider the large companies that have had problems with these issues. They have the money and the resources to prevent these things happening and they still get caught in the mess. There is little or nothing you can do to stop these practices around the world. Any product you buy should be purchased based upon your own gut feelings. You’ll know if it is right for you. Don’t forget to check the new Federal Government regulations regarding bedding products and the flammability issues. Pillows may be on their radar. Good Luck, Andy

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