Why Are Fabric Businesses Closing?

In a recent question you noted that many fabric businesses are closing up rather than opening. My wife and I, who live in Washington, dc, are quite taken with Ka-International fabric which is a franchise opportunity but we don’t want to do something foolish or silly. Why are fabric businesses closing?
I’d really appreciate your insight and wisdom and any other advice you might have.

The stores that are having a much tougher time, are those that sell apparel fabrics.
The reasons are quite simple. At one time, folks could sew their own clothes and save money, over store bought clothes. Now, with so much apparel coming in from China and other foreign countries, apparel can be purchased at very little cost. There is very little incentive to sew it yourself. With the value of home, nationwide, increasing, many consumers are redecorating. Ka International, may be a good bet.
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