Why choose to use Polyester Poplin?

Why choose to use Polyester Poplin?

Poplin  has been used since the 15th century and was been named for the Papal residence in France. During that time, it was normally made of silk. But because of its material being expensive it has evolved to several materials which include cotton, wool and polyester.

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This fabric is a strong fabric made in plain weave with crosswise ribs that gives its corded surface. Poplin made of cotton or wool is very suitable for winter wear. Meanwhile, polyester poplin because it is a softly texture wrinkle-resistant fabric with a beautiful draping quality, it is being used for event and promotions. The good thing about this polyester fabric is being wrinkle resistant. Moreover, most of this type of fabric is flame resistant and machine washable.

Fabric Care: Polyester Poplin

Polyester poplin is easy to handle and care. Machine wash in cold water. Machine dry at low temperature and remove as soon as the cycle is complete. If ironing is needed, use a moderately warm iron.


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