Why does my t-shirt collect a lot of dust?

I just bought a t-shirt and it collects a lot of dust, it is supposedĀ to be 100% combed cotton but can it be right?

By: Ari

One Response to “Why does my t-shirt collect a lot of dust?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, yes that can be exactly right. It all depends on the area of the country your in, if you’ve prewashed the t-shirt before wearing it, what you do for a living that would cause the t-shirt to gather dust or other particulates. Cotton does collect dust. Most likely there is some kind of sabilizing agent on the material that is causing the worst of the problem. Cotten will loose it’s ability to collect dust and fuzz after repeated washings. I had several cotton knits that would collect dust every time I wore them to work because I worked in a fabric room or store. Fabric will transfer dust to fabric.