Will My Fabric Streak Or Blotch ?

Hi Jennifer,
You’re just the person I’m looking for to help me make a major decision concerning a Mother-of-the-groom dress that I recently bought. ( It sounds seventy-ish looking doesn’t it? But it’s not) Actually, it’s is a crème color, two piece outfit (100% polyester skirt and 100% nylon top )and my future daughter in law thinks it’s to close to the color of the wedding dress. I agree, but it looks so cute I just can’t think about returning it.
I have two questions. First, what brand of dye do you recommend that I use? Also, do you have any dyeing tips I should know about? I am so afraid that the fabric will streak or blotch! I appreciate your help and I look forward to hearing from you.
Fellow Austinite,

Dear Debbie,
I am sorry, you can’t dye this ensemble at all. Polyester will not take any sort of dye, and nylon is possible, but way too much of a pain. Additional factors include the fact that the thread it is sewn with will not dye, and any trim or lining will also not dye. Save the outfit for another occasion. Or else you can get a contrasting wrap that will mitigate the color. I might suggest one of my wraps in chiffon or burnout velvet. My website has a few photos (still under construction) and I will send you the catalog sheets if you want to see more. Other than that, you will need to start over with a new outfit.
Happiest wedding!!

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