Will Soda Ash Set Dye?

ashThanks, Jennifer. This info is very helpful! I’ve checked on the dharmatrading.com web site and noticed that it says I’ll need to use soda ash to set the dye. Is this necessary for my project, too? If so, given that I’ll be using less than the 4 oz, will the soda ash packaging tell me how much to use (and when to use it)? Again, I really appreciate your help! I will read the article on your web site, too. I’m quite a novice at this! Kim

Yes, when you order the dye, also get some soda ash and Synthrapol. You will use the same amt of soda ash no matter how much dye you use. The soda ash amount is based on the weight of the dyeing load or the gallons of water in a load. For example, I use 1/3 cup soda ash for the smallest load (about 4 gallons) in my washer. You will also need ordinary table salt. You can get a 25 lb bag at Sam’s very cheap. Dharma has some good instructions on their how-to pages; you can also look at www.prochemical.com for their instructions.
have fun!

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