Wool Coat Coloring

I read your response to someone who wanted to dye their wool coat and it wasn’t optimistic…..is that absolutely positively true all the time (I say with hope)? I have a Kelly green wool coat that I hesitate giving away because it’s so warm, however I hate the color….I would love to dye it brown or black and wear it…..I read in your response it might shrink….will it shrink a little or a lot and is it just absolutely not worth it at all? Thanks, Kathy

Dear Kathy,
It may shrink, it may felt, it may twist out of shape. It will do some of these and possibly all, it depends on the weave and kind of the wool. Plus, remember the coat was probably carefully constructed with interfacing, possibly interlining and lining. All these may twist, etc. too. On top of that, if the lining is synthetic, which is doubtless is, it will not take the dye. Look for a new coat at resale. (I paid $16 for my favorite dress coat at vintage.) There are many, many warm coats in the world. Get yourself a new one for winter holiday.
all the best,

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