Wool Dryer Balls Revisited

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In November 2012 I wrote an article on “Help Is Here For Shocking Static Electricity” explaining about how the 100% wool dryer balls eliminated static electricity.  Now almost 6 months later I am happy to report that they still work.  During the really cold months when the houses in the Northwest are heated and have very low humidity, I put two small safety pins in one of the balls as an added insurance.

In addition to eliminating the static electricity problem, the clothes and linens come out of the dryer with fewer wrinkles.  I am very impressed!

The Internet Store where I purchased mine is The Stoney Mountain Farm.  I see that they now have kits for Do-It-Yourself Wool Dryer Balls for a lower price.  Stoney Mountain also carries wool yarn, roving and wool batting for quilts.





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2 Responses to “Wool Dryer Balls Revisited”

  1. I bought mine at the Leicester Farmers Market outside Asheville, NC, made from wool from Sandy Hollar Farm. They work great!

  2. Wahoo! Amazing isn’t it?