Wool Fabric

Dear Jennifer I have several bolts of wool fabric (content unknown) that are just horrible colors! Is it possible to change the colors? Thank You, Starr

Dear Starr,
Probably not, but you can experiment if you want to try. Search on Google and also on askjeeves.com for wool dyeing. First, read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101. Next, read all the dyeing instructions at dharmatrading.com and prochemical.com. You will need a big metal pot that you can get on your stove and some wooden dowels or spoons, plus heavy duty gloves and so forth because this is a HOT water process. If you want to try removing color first, get some Dharma Color Remover plus soda ash and Synthrapol. I know this is a lot of work! And unless the fabric is all wool or wool plus a natural fiber, the dye may not stick at all.
If I were you I would put the bolts up for sale on eBay or give them away in your local recycle group. Make a place for more appropriate fabric to come into your life.

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