Wool, The Versatile Fabric- Plus a Virtual Style Show!

Wool fabric brings to mind warm clothing, worn only in cooler weather. However, wool is versatile and, depending on the weave and how the fibers are processed into yarn for weaving, wool can be cool even in the summer. For more detailed information about wool, please go to http://info.fabrics.net/fabric-facts/wool/

Recently, I had the honor of judging The Washington State Make It Yourself With Wool Contest with 24 winners from the districts throughout the state competing. This contest is held throughout the USA with state winners competing at the National level for great prizes, scholarships and the distinct privilege of meeting and exchanging ideas with sewing enthusiasts of all ages. All National Contestants will also receive lengths of Pendelton wool. The contest is sponsored by the American Sheep Industry http://www.sheepusa.org/ and the American Sheep Industry Auxiliary.

Judging at the State level consisted of 9 judges, 3 judges for each of the categories:
Juniors, ages 13-16
Seniors, ages 17-24
Adults, ages 25 and older
Preteens, age 12 and under are eligible for the district contests but do not compete at the state level.

Judging is based 60% on appearance and 40% construction. Also considered are the selection of style and fabric, color, accessories, fit, pressing, poise of the contestant. Although the judging criteria seems simple, the creativity and skill level of the Contestants made our decisions as judges very difficult. Each judge took careful notes and asked many questions of each Contestant. Judging time took the 3 teams of judges 5 hours to reach their decisions.

I was very impressed with the contest organization which included how to determine fiber content: “To test fabric for wool content, place a scrap in one cup of Clorox overnight. One hundred percent wool will have no residue left. If any fibers remain, the fabric is a blend. Some finishes and natural fiber content may affect results.”

The contestants displayed creativity, enthusiasm, tailoring skills, and poise. I was and still am very impressed with the variety and abilities of each contestant. And now a special treat for all Fabrics.net visitors……….a virtual style show of the Washington State Make It Yourself With Wool. Page 1 Page 2

The Washington State Winners who will compete at the National Make It Yourself With Wool in San Antonio Texas, January 24 to 27, 2002 are:

Senior Division winner, Carla Nordheim of Waitsburg who won an all expense paid trip to Texas for the National Contest, courtesy of the Washington Wool Growers Auxiliary, the state sponsor.

Senior Division Alternate, Corrie Gagnon, Waitsburg who won a sewing machine.

Junior Division winner, Melissa Fish or Worley, Idaho who won an all expense paid trip to Texas for the National Contest, courtesy of the Washington Wool Growers Auxiliary, the state sponsor.

Junior Division Alternate, Hilary Schneidmiller, Walla Walla.

Adult Division Winner, Jeanette Cornwall, Hunters’ video will be sent to the National Make It Yourself With Wool offices to be judged. One Adult National Winner will go to San Antionio. Jeanette also received a serger.

Adult Division Alternate, Darrelle Anderson, Spangle received a $100 check and pressing equipment.

All State Contestants received a 2.5 yard length of Pendelton wool, in addition to other prizes.

Anyone can enter the Make It Yourself With Wool contest in your state. For more information about the Washington State Contest, contact State Director, Susan Parr of Tacoma, WA 253-922-5403. Email smparr4h@earthlink.net

For information about your State Contest, contact National Director Marie Lehfeldt, Box 175, Lavina, MT 59046 (406) 636-2036. Email levi@midrivers.com

With all of the great prizes and the chance to meet other sewing enthusiasts, why not Make It Yourself With Wool for next year’s contest?!?

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