Wool/Mink Blend Suits Dyed To Black

Dear Jennifer:
After much web surfing I found this site and I hope you will be able to help me. I have 4 or five bright colored suits that I purchased a few years ago (don’t ask me why, I’ve asked myself that too many times) and now would like to have them professionally dyed black and or navy. They are high end designer men’s super 150s and suits one is wool and mink blend, each costing in excess of $1000.00, so you can see why I want to making them “wearable” again. Do you have any suggestions about places that provide this service. I heard about place in California but can’t seem to get anymore information Please help if you can.

Dear AC,
You can contact this place that will discuss dyeing of individual garments:
I have to warn you that it may not be worth the effort. Dyeing stresses and can distort the fabric. Even if the color comes out okay, you may find that the cut of the suit is no longer in style or that it is unsuited (sorry) to being another color.
My alternative suggestion is to save them until they become appropriate for vintage wear or sale. Good luck,

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