Working With Yellow Dye

yellowHi there
I ran across your email at a Helper site. I am trying to take a 100% cotton matelasse bedspread from lemon yellow bright to something more toned down like pastel or creamy yellow or even fading. I used RIT dye Yellow 42 and it turned out mustard colored so when I called their help desk they said to used the color remover, which I did and it did lighten it some but now it is lemon colored and still too bright. Any suggestions? Frustrated and need HELP

Hi Sandra,
I don’t know what is going to do it, but you could try the color remover available at www.dharmatrading.com. Follow their instructions carefully. You will also need soda ash and Synthrapol, both available from Dharma. Keep in mind that dyeing is a color-adding process, so you were painting over the existing color.
good luck,

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