Worlds Best Little Nippers

Looking for that one pair of scissors or nippers that will get into the tightest stitches.  Look no further.  This pair is the end all be all of scissors.  I love and won’t use anything else when it comes to undoing stitches in really delicate fabrics.  But, if you have any difficulties seeing up close at all then use a magnifying glass, the tip of these baby’s are so sharp that you could easily cut into your fabric.  What are they you ask?  Omnigrids 1” long blade, yellow handled, mini scissors.  They retail for about $16.50 depending on what state your in and while they are a little on the spendy side they are totally worth it.  Just don’t drop them on a hard surface.  It never fails, but the tip will end up point down and they will break on hard floors.

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