Worn Out Jean Look

jeanI have a question for you. I have an old pair of blue jeans that I want to put some holes in for the “holy” look. I see them all the time in the mall with holes already but I would feel guilty for paying for jeans with holes in them. I was wondering if you have some technique for doing this. I was afraid if I set out with my scissors without asking I would have half shorts/half jeans. Thank You so much.

Dear Shannon: The best way to get that well worn look on your jeans is to wear them every day. No Excuses, now. Every day for several years and you too can have that “holy” look. The ones for sale with the holes in them, well, they are someone’s’ idea of a fashion statement. Me, I’ve never bought into that idea myself. I’m an old fashioned kind of guy that uses my “holy” jeans for washing the car and gardening. Gee, my vegetables seem to appreciate me being there to feed them. If you dare, take some scissors and cut a few holes. If that makes you happy, Go for it girl! Good Luck, Andy

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