Wrinkle Free Fabrics definition please.

What kinds of fabrics are wrinkle free or what types of treatments make them wrinkle free?  I am looking for help in knowing what to purchase whether online or at a fabric store.

By: Edward Winheld

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Depends on what you are doing with them.  Polyester is pretty much your best bet for a good wrinkle free material and in general comes in all sorts of weights, weaves, strength, blends and colors.  To test for wrinkle free when your in the store.  feel the fabrics you are attracted to, wad a bunch of it in your hand to a ten count, 1-1000, 2-1000,3-1000, …10-1000 and then release the material.  if it falls free and the wrinkles fall out then it’s a pretty good bet it’s wrinkle free. If creases and wrinkles stay in when you release the fabric then it’s not.