Wrinkle Free Material?


I’m a magician and would like to make my own costumes. Some of the costumes will be rolled or folded out of site, so they need to be anti crease / wrinkle free. When they are revealed it looks like a quick change has taken place. Can you advise on the best materials for this please?

I have been searching for months and have so many different answers, I no longer know what to believe. I have sent for samples, but when they arrive find they are not Wrinkle free material or anti crease?

I also read you can use any material but apply a spray after to make the material crease free?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


One Response to “Wrinkle Free Material?”

  1. Kirsten says:

    As  of right now you are going to need to use either spandex and or lycra.  Those are the only fabrics that don’t look like crumpled fabrics when stored crumpled or rolled.  They are also compress nicely.  Creases in pants can be achieved by running a pin tuck down the front of the pant where you would normally see an ironed crease.  Remember your ten foot rule for the stage.  If you can’t tell from ten feet away and it looks good, then your golden.  Lycra is made into what is considered a slinky knit, usually a lycra, spandex, poly blend, or variations there-of.  This is the most wrinkle free material you can get but it’s very drapy so you are going to have to decide how wrinkle free you want.  Good luck.