Wrinkles In Slipcovers

coverHello Andy,
I sure hope you can help me. I just bought some new Bordeaux Duck slipcovers. They are terribly wrinkled, and I’m wondering how to get the wrinkles out. Do I need to Iron them? If I do, what temperature do I put the iron on? Maybe there is an easier way of getting the wrinkles out that you might know about. I know it will take me hours to iron them. I was thinking of throwing them in the washer, and dryer. Please tell me what I can do. I am so happy to have found you on the Internet. Thank You so very much.

Karen: Follow the care instructions, contact the manufacturer of return the covers.
Those wrinkles may never come out.
Don’t do anything that may ruin the covers.
Happy Decorating and Good Luck,

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