Yardage required to cover specific boxes?

I am very new to using fabric so my question may be very basic. I am building 3 box frames that I want to wrap in a nylon spandex fabric, but I have no idea how to figure out exactly how much fabric I need to buy.

the dimensions are:

16′ across x 4′ high x 30″ deep = box 1

4′ across x 6′ high x 18″ deep = box 2

2′ across x 6′ high x 18″ deep = box 3


By: JD Small

One Response to “Yardage required to cover specific boxes?”

  1. Judith says:

    In order to calculate the yardage needed to cover the box frames I need to know the width of the fabric you are buying. Fabric that is 45″ wide will require different yardage than fabric that is 50″ wide, etc. Keep in mind that fabric comes in specific widths so you will need to find a sewing professional who can sew the nylon spandex fabric together to create widths wider than 45″ or 60″. Some cotton quilting fabric comes in 120″ widths and some nylon knit fabrics come in 60″ widths.

    Hope this helps!.