Yellow Stains in Cotton

cottonMy mother bought a beautiful Christening gown with cap and matching pillow cover from Germany over 30 years ago. My sister’s 2 kids and my 2 kids were Christened in it. My sister had it preserved. Recently, my daughter-in-law used it for our first grandchild. It is made of cotton with beautiful embroidery. I washed it first and it came out beautifully (I did not wash the pillow case at this time). However, after the Christening, I went to wash it again before I put it away. This time I washed it with the pillow case. My sister had put the pillow and cover in a yellow pillow case all these years. I was horrified when I washed the gown and pillow case together and the yellow transferred onto the gown and pillow case. I tried soaking it in leach (since it was cotton). Still, it did not come out. I took it to the cleaners, and they just did the same thing, and the ting of yellow is still in the gown and pillow case. I was thinking of buying white Ritz dye. What do you think or suggest? I can’t believe that I might have ruined our family tradition! The gown is usable, but it should be pure white. I am just so sick over this. Paula

Hi Paula,
I have had good luck with this sort of thing using OxiClean®. Soak in HOT water and a good amount of OxiClean® and mild detergent. However, I can’t guarantee any results, there are just too many factors involved. Unfortunately, there is no Rit dye in white. But Rit does make some products that remove color mistakes. Check out their site at www.ritdye.com.
good luck and happy holidays,

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